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Valandre Lafayette Sleeping Bag

FEATURES of the Valandre Lafayette Sleeping Bag Ultimate super-light high altitude expedition bag – to be used together with the combi suit or down clothing Lafayette more than a technical mountaineering bag Ultimate assaults are light and fast in alpine style – meaning climbers with no support from sherpas – no fixed ropes – and carrying all their gear Bag more of a climbing tool than normal sleeping bag and features a half zip system in. Advantage of a center zip Lying on your side keeps your heart and lungs away from the cold ground Lafayette has a knee protection system made out of three smaller and laterally closed compartments with a high down density Trap maximum amount of air – warmed by body heat – insulation under vertically placed velcro strip with purpose of creating barrier reduce heat loss and inside cylinder Fixing prevents the compression of the down membrane so you avoid cold spots Draft collars alter the shape of a sleeping bag once tightened up Draft collar therefore built into inside cylinder – like separation wall between cockpit and passenger cabin of an aircraft – with cylindrical hole just big enough for neck Avoid the possibility of any heat leakage – a semi-elastic adjustment system is placed on the inside Hood follows the same principle 3D Half moon construction – offering a maximum amount of down insulation to the limit of your head

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