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Valandre Grasshopper Sleeping Bag

FEATURES of the Valandre Grasshopper Sleeping Bag For those who are familiar with the in.expedition obsession in. of Valandre – you will be surprised by this summer bag in the well-know colors of green grass Precisely for those who love to hop and roll around in high grass in countryside – spend a night in the lower hills – that we have dedicated the grasshopper 400 Grams of pyrenean French duck down (total weight 885 grams) – allows to confront early frosty morning temperatures (-3C/35F) in the spring or fall without any problems Avoid down-shift in a in.blanket formed in. bag – roll around inside – the compartment in the body section is placed vertically and the hood can be tightened down if needed Comfortable rectangular bag – it can be transformed into a luxury quilt Capable of confronting any challenge in the high Pack your things in the morning – the stuff sack is easily found incorporated inside the foot section of the bag

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