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MSR WindBurner Stove System

FEATURES of the MSR WindBurner Stove System The WindBurner is a compact – all-in-one integrated stove and cookware system that includes a secure locking pot and personal mug with cozy 100% primary air combustion – internal pressure regulator and enclosed design all combine to make the WindBurner completely windproof. The compact design allows the stove burner – a 4oz IsoPro™ fuel canister (NOT included) – and folding canister stand to all pack inside the pot – and the extra full-sized bowl snaps onto the outside Lid has drinking and straining ports – so less messes you guys Insulated cozy with a handle makes it easy to hold the mug while you eat or drink Includes an extra 16 oz full-sized bowl Radiant burner and heat exchanger offer super fast boil times and better fuel efficiency than stoves that only use convective heat. 1L or 18.L pot with heat exchanger A secure connection with the stove for safer and easier use Pressure regulator helps unsure a consistent performance Included folding canister stand prevents the WindBurner from tipping over in windy conditions – or on uneven terrain Compatible with optional MSR cookware accessories including the WindBurner Accessory Pots – WindBurner Skiller – WindBurner Hanging Kit – and WindBurner Coffee Press Kit. Built in the USA with imported parts.

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