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MSR WindBurner Group Stove System

FEATURES of the MSR WindBurner Group Stove System A windproof – modular stove system for small groups or simmered meals Ideal for backpacking trips – and small camping groups WindBurner® stove has 100% primary air combustion – enclosed design – and internal pressure regulator that work together to maintain performance in windy and cold conditions Includes a 2.5 liter sauce pot that is an ideal size for 2 to 4 people to share simmered meals Pot is ceramic coated for nonstick performance and easier cleaning Self-centering pot fits WindBurner stoves’ deep lip for better stability Optimized for use with all WindBurner cookware – so allows for a wide range of cooking styles Strainer lid has a locking latch for safer – easier use Folding Talon™ handle Compact system nests inside the pot for easier packing – and does not rattle while you hike Note that the nesting design provides room to to nest an optional 8-oz MSR IsoPro™ fuel canister – which is NOT INCLUDED

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