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Jetboil Joule Cooking System

FEATURE of the Jetboil Joule Cooking System 10 -000 BTU burner provides the raw power for rapid boil times of 2 min. 40 sec. per 1 liter – yet still offers excellent simmer control for cooking Combined with a 2.5 liter insulated FluxRing pot – Joule offers fuel efficiency and portability User friendly design allows quick setup and improved reliability over liquid/multifuel stoves which require significant assembly and priming before use Piezo igniter reliably sparks the stove to life with a simple push of the button Stove and fuel canister (not included) fit inside the pot when not in use stable locking handle folds for storage System includes the stove burner – FluxRing pot and a see-through lid with built-in strainer Stove is compatible with both 100g and 230g Jetpower fuel canisters Due to flammable item shipping restrictions – we cannot sell fuel canisters online they are available at REI retail stores imported

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