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Good To Go Mexican Quinoa Bowl Double Serving

With a mix of butternut squash black beans and a ridiculously yummy mole poblano sauce the Mexican Quinoa Bowl from Good To Go is sure to become a highlight of your next camping trip. The Mexican Quinoa Bowl has a mix of classic spices that includes cacao powder that’s an awesome source of antioxidants magnesium and iron. This awesome quinoa bowl is vegan and gluten-free. Ingredients:Quinoa Black Beans Winter Squash Corn Dried Butternut Squash Dried Tomato Flakes Poblano Pepper Agave Nectar Grapeseed Oil Garlic Cacao Powder Sesame Seeds Sea Salt Ground Cumin Cinnamon Ancho Chile Powder Ground Coriander Fennel Seed Dried Scallion Dried Oregano

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