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Hiking shoes and boots - men's

All kinds of top brand hiking shoes and boots for men

How to Choose Hiking Shoes

Hiking boots are an essential part of every hiker’s gear. Every smart hiker knows that they can make or break our outdoor adventures. Thus, it is important for us to know the basics of how to choose the right hiking shoes that are right for you.

Choosing the right hiking shoes for men is one of the most important parts when planning on embarking on any hiking adventure. When planning an adventure, you need a hiking boot that delivers a blend of comfort, protection and traction. Having the right pair with proper function, fit and features will greatly improve your hiking experience and will help you glide down the trail with a smile on your face.

From leather to mesh or ankle stability the market is full of different styles of hiking shoes that look like they can get the job done. With many quality options available, one may start to wonder about how to choose the perfect pair of hiking shoes to meet the hiking demand. So, how do you choose? This guide will provide you with the basic information you should look out for when next you are shopping for a hiking shoe.

Know Your Requirements

This is probably the very first thing you need to consider when shopping for a hiking shoe. Different types of boots and shoes are suitable for different types of activities. It is really important to consider the type of activity you are going to do as it helps in ensuring you get the right type of shoes for your needs. Otherwise, you might end up with a boot that doesn’t suit the type of activity you desire.

Length and Terrain of the Hike

The length and type of terrain you’ll encounter on your hike matters when it comes to footwear selection. Select your boots based on the kind of terrain you will hike on and the loads you expect to carry. A hiking trip on a rough terrain will require much sturdier boots with better tread and ankle support than an easy to moderate trail on flat ground would need.

Climate and Weather

The climate and weather conditions of the area you will mostly be hiking in is of course important in determining the kind of boots to wear. When you’re hiking in cold and rainy climates, waterproof boots are recommended so as to keep your feet dry. While boots with mesh paneling and ventilation is better when you’re hiking in hot and humid climates.


The heavier the boot, the more work for your legs. There can be a significant weight difference between different models of boots; one made mostly of leather and one made mostly of synthetic materials. If you intend on hiking for longer periods, it is most likely that you will be carrying a backpack with you. The added ounces and pounds on your feet really take their toll in terms of energy expenditure by the end of the day. Thus, it is advisable to go for a lightweight boot as they could provide easy mobility.