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Hiking backpacks

Backpacks for all your clothes, gear and food.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Backpack for Your Hiking Trip

Whether you’re planning a day hike through the gently slope terrain or an extended trip across the mountain or ice shelf, picking the right backpack is an important part in planning your trip. Knowing how to choose a hiking backpack that properly suits your need is essential to a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Choose a backpack that is too small and you risk not being able to fit in all your gears. While a backpack that is too big means you might end up carrying more weight that your body can handle.

As hiking backpacks vary greatly in design, capacity, fit and features, choosing the right backpack for your adventure can be anything but simple. This article aims to work you through how to select the right backpack that fit your need making your next outdoor adventure a memorable one.

Things to consider when choosing a backpack for your trip
There are three major things you should always consider before choosing a backpack for your next hiking trip: function, fit and features.


The first thing you need to consider before purchasing a backpack is to determine the size (capacity) of the pack you need. Are you planning a day hike or an overnight expedition? Do you need a pack for a specialized purpose, such as climbing or backcountry skiing. Think about the type of hiking you will be doing and how long your journey will take.

Also, you need to take into consideration the amount of gear you will need to carry, size of each item and the season or weather you may likely encounter in the area. If you’re going to do some intensive activity such as mountain climbing, you’re going to want the least amount of weight possible on your back so an over-sized and over-packed backpack is not ideal.


Backpacks come in different sizes (torso lengths) and it is essential to select the right one that fit you well. A well-fitting hiking backpack can enhance your performance while an ill-fitting backpack can diminish it. For the pack to fit correctly, it needs to match your torso length so that it sits comfortably on your back.

Always check to ensure your torso length matches the respective torso range of the backpack you had in mind. However, most modern backpacks have an adjustable torso length, which means it can be lengthened or shortened. This makes it easy to get a pack that fits you well.


Once you’ve decided on a size, you’ll want to figure out what features you need in a pack. Although these extra features come with a price, they may make your hike more enjoyable. Most modern comes with advanced features such as an integrated ventilation system, waterproof ability, internal hydration bladder and many more.